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Electrical Wizardry, inc. was formally established in 2004 by John Siemiarowski. John started in the electrical industry in 1964.

"We don't see problems, just opportunities to show how good we are."

Electrical Wizardry is staffed by John Siemiarowski. The team includes three other electricians as well as two apprentices and Kim Miller. Kim runs our office and keeps us on track and on time. While most electricians do not have the length of time and experience that John does all of the employees at Electrical Wizardry have access to the knowledge base that has been accumulated over these many years. A culture of learning is a core value in our world. This is important because things in the electrical industry are constantly changing be it the reversions to the national electrical code that happen every three years to the rapid development of sold state lighting (LED lighting). We pride ourselves in showing respect to all of our clients aa well as their houses, businesses and places of worship where make out magic happen.